Spring Time releases <3

Hi there dear readers!

I’ve been quite busy creating new pretty piece of wearing which could bring to you all  Spring mood and floral happiness!

Of course I’m mad about floral pattern so you’ll see I’m ready for this season! ❤

New jOLIE Marketplace releases are:

-Floral High Waist Shorties –> Two different colorful pattern+vintage high waisted makes real cute shorts to play with!

*jOLIE! Floral High Waist Shorty: Here to grab ❤

 jOLIE! Floral High Waist shorts

*jOLIE! Floral Azur High Waist Shorty: Here to grab ❤

jOLIE! Floral Azur High Waist Shorty


– Gypsy Style Long skirts—> System Skirt could be really cute to wear, especially when you can show a bit of color and right fluffyness in your looks. Best wearing style if you’ll add a big vintage belt as I’ve done in my add pics ^-^

*jOLIE! Gypsy Orange Melange Long Skirt : Here to grab ❤

jOLIE! Gypsy orange melange long skirt

*jOLIE! Gypsy Floral Bouquet Long Skirt: Here to grab ❤

 jOLIE! Gypsy Floral Bouquet Long Skirt

I’m really proud of this new creations, I ❤ High Waist Shorts!

Let me know what you think!

Hope you’ll like!

Hugs, Kaetel

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2 Responses to Spring Time releases <3

  1. Jeanette Reinoir says:

    hi Kaetel,
    I’m working to set a fashion directory in my blog/magazine http://bangbulletin.wordpress.com . Would you like to fill the form I made to have your shop info listed in it? You can find it here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dFRIV3BuZm1EYXF1QTVQbWVSVVRZdHc6MQ

    hugs 🙂


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