Shorts Lover <3

I’m really in love with shorts!

Denim or classic one, they’re a piece of wearing I’ll always care for, especially when they help you create some fancy styles!

When I discovered Vive9 50L sale I’ve run in the shop to buy some really pretty “WaistHighs Pants” , It was love  since the first time I saw them! ❤

So I’ve put together two quick styles just to show you my purchases:

Vive9 Short lover

Here I wear:  Vive9 WaistHighs Pants in Gray+ jOLIE! Le Ciel Cardi [here if you like]

vive9 short lover2

Here I wear: Vive9 WaistHighs Pants in OriginaljOLIE! Flower Long Tee Petal [here if you like]

I’ve also bought the same cool shorts in black and now after my post I’ll go again to grab the patterned floreal texture one <3<3 [I told you I get mad with these shorts!! :D]

Also in my two styles I’m wearing new Exile Hairs: Nikki [there’s also a  freebie version as New Year Gift in the sOm] and Claire!

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