Two Looks, some news!

Hello There!

Here’s my look of the day which has a little preview of my new Tights pack! As I’ve done before, for Bliss Thights pack, I’ve decided to realize one pair for just 5 L! I’ll show you this one too ❤ and you’ll find it now in my Marketplace!

*jOLIE! Creamy Fleur Tights —> just 5 L preview here

jOLIE! Creamy Fleur Tights


My Look:


LoTd Style Credit:

Hair: Clawtooth [FLF hair Style- Rocking Rolls]

Makeup: Cheap Makeup [Tinsle lashesNew] + Glamorize [Flash lips 6]

Cardi: MilkMotion [FLF item –> Love it, take a look maybe it’s still there with other items]

Shorts: Random [High Waist –> 1L @GnubieShop]

Tights: jOLIE! [Vintage Cubs Tights– part of Nyss Thigts pack -> Coming SOON! <3]

Shoes: Vive9 [Xian Boots –> 50L now for “so2011 Event” , a poncho was marked down to 50L too! go grab this fab shoes! <3<3]

Chiffon Bow: Tram [Chiffon Bow Necklace <3]


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4 Responses to Two Looks, some news!

  1. Jeanette Reinoir says:

    hello Kaetel.
    I just discover your work (flickr, blog and design ^^) and I want say congrats, I love it.

    Added your blog to my blogroll.


  2. Love your designs sooooo much…I just wish you had a store in the real world!!!!!!

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