LG Femme- November releases <3

Hello Dear readers!

Today I’ll show you a look featuring  beautiful LG Femme realease for this November: jeans and pants!

Jeans are: Immaculate jeans [with really funky decorations and different jeans washes] and Miami Jeans [plain beautiful jeans in different shades too! <3]

Pants: Flared Pants [really elegant, with long  fleared prims for legs and a pretty sculpt belt. You can find them in melange or plain texture! <3]

In my look I’ll show you Immaculate jeans wash nr 6 , then a little preview of Miami jeans and Flared pants [which of course I’ll wear soon for other styles.. I felt in love with plain textures in warm colors <3<3]

here it is:

Girly in the city

Style Credits:

Hair: Lelutka [Mirella 2.0 hair -Overcooked –>hunt prize <3]

Make up: Cheap Make up [Warhlo’s Muse Eyeshadow]+ Glamorize [Natural lips] + LG Concept [Blush brown ->NEW ❤ love the way  it fits my cheeks! lol]

Bra: LG Femme [part of  Dernier Noir outfit ]

Vest: Izzie’s [ black laced vest- part of Easter freebie dress]

Sweater: Pig [ Lazy Sweater Eggshell]

Jeans: LG Femme [Immaculate jeans wash 6 NEW! <3]

Hairpiece: FD [Black bow head bands for twins hair – past freebie]

Shoes: Exia [Enamel pumps black – past freebie]

New LG Femme releases pants and jeans preview
Lg releases_jeans+pants

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3 Responses to LG Femme- November releases <3

  1. Hallooo, nice to meet you. Haha
    Loved your pics, just nice colors NEW ❤ love the way it fits my cheeks! lol]

    It's all is not a tattoo layer? uahduashduash Tell me your trick please!
    Kisses and huggies darling.

    With love,

    • Oh sorry, the message looks messy OO?! (idk what happened,lol)

      I wanted to know how you use the make up all together like this:
      Make up: Cheap Make up [Warhlo’s Muse Eyeshadow]+ Glamorize [Natural lips] + LG Concept [Blush brown ->NEW ❤ love the way it fits my cheeks! lol]


  2. seubert says:

    llo Flor! Sorry to answer just now!
    I use SL 2.1 Beta Viewer which allow you to wear multiple tattoo layer and in this case, multiple makeups items.
    You have to use a viwer that supports multiple tattos!

    Just right click on the make uo you want to use [ex: a lipstick] and select “add”, you can do the same for eyeshadows ans blush! [max levels supported are 5! So no more of 5 tattoo layer all the same!]

    Thank you 🙂

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