The Rumor

Today I had the pleasure to discover a new and -just opened- Sim named The Rumor. It’s really a fantastic place, creepybeautiful.

It remind me of a wonderful tale about a marmaid I heard long time ago..and in some way all places in the Rumor are pretty dreamy and melanconic.

I’ve taken some pics and I’ll show you soon BUT before this, I’ll present the style inspired by this amazing new Sim. It’s my enty for The Rumor Dress up Challenge” [all details in the official blog! <3]

…and here it is… Classy, a bit Gothic and maybe marmaid something [for flowing hair :D]


The Rumor

Style Credits: Hair: Analog Dog Freebie Ball [Lua smoke]

Dress: Willow [Chevron Dress@The Rumor Sim]

Necklace: LaGyo [Micheal Necklace]

HairCorsage: jOLIE! [Ribbon and Pearls Haircorsage COMING SOON! <3]

Ring: Rangs [cold as ice ring — 1L opening gift @Rumor sim]

Makeup: Cheap Make up [La Tigre eyeshadow + Miss priss lipstick]

Shoes: BabyMonkey [Nina Pumps Black]


Here , some pics of The Rumor Sim…




Take a look , do some shopping and enjoy your Stay! ❤

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