A “petit” delicate style I made up inspired by some cute creations by Moca Loup [Tram] Trish Blanco [+KiiToS] and Gyorgyna Larnia [LaGyo] ❤ ❤


Style Credits:
Skin: Fashionably death [Bird skin slasher 4]
Makeup: *Glamorize* [Lipstick and Eyecing shadows]
Hair: *Eha [Jean – Opening gift]
Shirt: *Wave [Freebie Shop 1L white dress]
Skirt: jOLIE! [Pinky Hugh waist skirt Here]
Jeans: [Random] [Skinny jeans light wash @GNubie Shop FREE]
Vest: +KiiToS [Drape Vest Gray ❤ <3]
Necklace: LaGyo [ Floss Necklace Color change ❤ <3]
Hair Band: Chuculet [ Hair band pearl ribbon Gold – FREE]
Flats: Tram [crepe flats black <3<3]
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