Autumn’s Welcome back

Hello everyone!

I’m finally back after a break I had for RL university exams and issues with my old pc [yes, it died. RIP… and welcome to the new one! yay *-*]

I’d have to blog SO MUCH wonderful items, ‘couse in this gray days , logging in with my tiny netbook,  I had the pleasure to meet and have really cute talking with some designers I really admire *-*.

But for today I’ve made up a combined autumn style, just to say Hello to the new season! [My favorite one :D]

Here it is:

Autumn welcome


Skin: Fashionably Dead [always ❤ this is one of the DUST series]

Make Up: *Glamorize* [ Natural Lips for Man Lipstick, Eyecing shadows and Freackles tattoo. Recently I discovered this big shop with really cute and affordable make up tattoo layer: Lipsticks, eyeshadows, freackles in a lot of shades and styles. I bought some make up packs and I’m sure I’ll use them to spice-up my skins. *-*]

Hair: *Eha [Wakana Black]

Top: Tram [ part of  NEW *checkered op brown*mint dress, which is really really cute for this upcoming season. Tartan Textures are always a must! In new release you’ll also find some wonderful and cozy Fur hats and leggings, and pretty “doctor bags” in tartan texture as I’m wearing in this style.  Jump in the shop and take a look! ❤ <3]

Jacket: Pig [Lazy Sweater Asphalt. Very versatile piece of wearing I got 5 colors of them!]

Shorts: Willow [ High Waist Acid Jean Shorties. <3<3]

Inner Jeans: Shush [white jeans bootwear]

Shoes: Kookie [Vo pumps multicolor- previus FLF]

Necklace: Happy Find [Sleeping Moon- previus Group Gift ]

Bag: Tram [Doctor bag brown*mint ]

Scarf: Royal Blue [Winters Coming Scarf in Off Milk- FREEBIE pack]

Eyeglasses: Maschienenwerk [ US_Army_Glasses_from_1968 Girl Size-  Freebie]

And that’s all atm. See ya real soon!

Hugs, Kaetel ❤ ❤

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