Relpsa Loc @Hair Fair <3

Hair Fair is a reaaally big annual event, and if you’re in love with hair styles then the risk you’ll broke your Sl pocket is obviusly high-high 😀

But of course, Hairs are Hairs.. and they always deserve a real faithful love 😀 lol

Today I’ll show you *Rezlpsa Loc* entry for this big event, I’ll let you see two hair styles which I consider so pretty and versatile [I’m also a Fringe lover, so  for me they’re fabby twice]

Here there are: Eliza and Heriett

Rezlpsa Loc@ Hair Fair

Eliza Style  has also a different shade version, which include some little touch of color for example in Blue, Lavandel, Pink.. as you can see better in RezIpsa’s  Flickr page here.

Harriet is simple and casual, middle lenght and fringy hair style… a real must have for a everyday look ^^

There’re also other hair styles which deserve a closer in world view so just visit *Rezlpsa Loc* place in Hair Fair and have fun ladies *-*

Hugs, Kaetel!

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